SKN Międzynarodowe Studenckie Koło Naukowe Psychiatrii/International Psychiatry Student Research Group

Opiekun: Lek. med. Anna Andrzejewska
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The Scientific Research Club is dedicated to the further study and education in both the field of predominantly paediatric psychiatry affiliated with the Centrum Medyczne HCP. The unique nature of the club is to further enable students of both the Polish and English Divisions to access more volunteering, shadowing and research opportunities beyond the confines of the University Clinics. The club will seek to have active involvement in research and publications and enable both divisions to join in an educational and mutually enriching manner. Some sessions will be held in Polish, others in English, language of presentation will be announced prior to arrival and research projects will be conducted with interdivision cooperation. The Club will also be offering participation in the Youth Eating Disorder Pilot Programme at the HCP Youth Psychiatric Ward.

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