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Information for STN members

  1. You need to create a new account (the link “Załóż konto” is located under the login fields).
  2. Pay a membership fee of 45 PLN for the academic year.
    Account details for payment:
    Recipient’s name: Studenckie Towarzystwo Naukowe UM w Poznaniu
    Account no: 56 1030 1247 0000 0000 4771 8000
    Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA Oddział w Poznaniu
    Transfer title: First and last name, field of study, year of study and a note “STN card, academic year”.
    Example transfer title: Jan Kowalski, Medical year III, STN card 2022/2023
  3. Transfer confirmation should be:
    Download to your computer and rename the file to “First Name Last Name, Academic Year” Example: “Jan Kowalski 2022/2023”,
    o Then write an email with the subject line “Confirmation of membership fee” and include: student’s ID card number (it is NUMBERED UNDER the ID card’s BAR CODE).
    o The transfer confirmation with the changed name is added as an attachment.
    Please send messages to:
  4. General Notes:
    Please set up a membership account before making the transfer.
    STN is not responsible for transfer confirmations sent or delivered that do not contain the necessary description.
    The membership fee serves as an ID card of the Studenckie Towarzystwo Naukowe.
    Failure to provide a transfer confirmation by the deadline will result in unassigned membership fee in the system.
    An account with an unpaid contribution is an “inactive” account, which is connected with the impossibility of issuing a certificate of activity in the Research Group in a given academic year. In case of a mistake, there is no possibility of refunding the transferred money.
    Fees must be paid for each year of activity in the Studenckie Towarzystwo Naukowe. It is not possible to make a payment for a past or upcoming academic year. The time to enter the fee into the system is a maximum of 14 days. The fee must be paid between October 1 and May 31 of a given academic year.
    The membership fee is a one-time payment for the entire academic year regardless of how many Research Groups one belongs to.
  5. In case of any problems or confusion, please contact the with the Coordinator for STN Members and Research Groups, e-mail address:

Information for Presidents of Research Groups

In order to register a Student Research Group, one must:

  1. become a full member of the STN (see “INFORMATION FOR STN MEMBERS”). Have a paid membership fee.
  2. to establish a new Research Group, you need to log into your account, then go to the “Registration” tab and fill in the fields on the right side of the screen. NOTE: Editing will only be possible from the Site Administrator panel. With the desire to edit Student Research Group data, please contact the Coordinator of STN Members and Research Groups.
  3. In the event that there is a change in the position of President of Student Research Group, please log into your member account, go to “My Account”, then go to the “Koła naukowe” tab and press the button next to “Chcesz zrezygnować z funkcji Przewodniczącego?”. Then select a new President from the list of Research Group members selected by the members.
  4. Presidents of new Research Groups, Research Groups in which there has been a change in the position of President and existing Research Groups in which there have been no changes must download from the “Documents” tab a file called “Formularz rejestracyjny koła naukowego”. It must be filled out legibly, complete with all stamps and dates and SEND TO MAIL ADDRESS:
    Forms brought to D.S. Karolek will not be accepted! Only Forms sent by email to the above-mentioned mailbox will be accepted.
    NOTE: The deadline for the delivery of the form is December 15 of the current academic year. Registration of the Research Group after the deadline will be possible only with the written approval of the STN President.
  5. General Notes:
    The Form must be submitted for each consecutive academic year of the Research Group.
    Without the Form, the Research Group after December 15 will be removed from the website and a certificate of Research Group activity cannot be generated.
    Once the data is entered into the system, the STN and Coordinator of STN Members and Research Groups, based on the provided Registration Form, will activate the Research Group on the website of the Studenckie Towarzystwo Naukowe.
    In case of non-payment of dues and without the submitted Form via email, the Research Group will not be accepted on the STN website.

Register a new science club

Registering new science clubs is available only for logged in users.