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Scientific Research Groups with the best results

Often when starting a scientific work you ask: “Which scientific research groups is leading in a particular field?”, “Which research group will give me the opportunity to write a scientific paper?”, “Which group is worth joining?”. In order to answer your questions, every year the Students’ Scientific Society presents a list of the best scientific research groups at our University. The ranking list is created on the basis of points awarded for the quantity and quality of scientific papers written, student speeches at conferences and involvement in the organization of scientific conferences. We hope that our ranking will be a helpful tool in choosing your dream study circle. We encourage you to take a look at the results!

Below is the Ranking of Student Scientific Groups for each academic year.

Ranking Studenckich Kół Naukowych 2021/2022Ranking Studenckich Kół Naukowych 2020/2021Ranking Studenckich Kół Naukowych 2018/2019