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General Meeting of Delegates of the Students’ Scientific Society

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We would like to invite you to the General Meeting of Delegates of the STN, which will be held on November 9 from 18:00 in the Nencki Hall (Coll. Anatomicum). During the meeting, not only the past year of activity will be arranged, but also elections will be held. The presence of the presidents of the scientific research groups is mandatory. Delegates can only be students who are members of the Society in the current academic year, which involves paying a fee and entering it into the system. The number of delegates of a given study circle depends on the number of its members registered in the current academic year. A person who is a member of several groups are included as a representative of only one group. Mandates are allocated to scientific circles as follows:
– 1 mandate for each started ten members of a given research group,
– The chairman of a group with more than 5 members is entitled to a delegate’s mandate regardless of the number of mandates the group is entitled to,
– The President is required to send a named list of delegates (by 2.11).